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children's clothing for girls and boys from the Kenzo kids brand


For the past 50 years, KENZO has exuded positive energy and infectious freedom by advocating colourful, bold fashion that knows no limits, celebrating nature and cultural diversity. Founded in Paris in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, this fashion house has constantly cultivated and reinterpreted its signature style that has proven to be its driving force, most notably mixing prints, blending stylish colours and creating exuberant and vivacious designs.

children's clothing for girls and boys Kenzo Kids

Kenzo Kids

The Spring/Summer 2023 collection

This summer, the collection revolves around four main themes, BAMBOO, JOURNEY, RAINBOW and GREENHOUSE, which embody its new creative direction by blending the multicultural identity of the brand with works by Nigo, their new Creative Director, who has been inspired by hip-hop culture.

Kenzo Kids clothing for girls t-shirt and dress poppies


KENZO has breathed new life into its creations following the appointment of Japanese designer Nigo as head of its creative team in September 2021. Nigo himself designed the little cartoon tiger that features in the new KOTORA fashion line. His tail, which we previously saw in the adult collection, adds a touch of playfulness to the Kenzo wardrobe.


The girls’ collection

A mix of urban and feminine style in a vast array of colours and prints for even more fun.

Kenzo Kids brand clothing for boys t-shirt

The boys’ collection

The boys’ collection

A mix of urban casual and city style for even more comfort and flair.

jungle jogging suit by Kenzo kids for boys



This season, Kenzo Kids T-shirts feature new prints including poppies, as well as jungle and travel-inspired designs. We are also introduced to new friends including giraffes, rabbits, elephants and monkeys, as well as iconic old friends from the KOTORA collection.



To complete its ready-to-wear fashion line, Kenzo Kids also offers a wide range of shoes and accessories featuring the brand’s iconic designs.