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Marc Jacobs patterned t-shirt dress


Celebrating the mischief, freedom and energy of childhood is what Marc Jacobs has wanted since 2020. The result was MARC JACOBS, dedicated to girls and boys. An invitation for every child to let loose and share their wishes, their tastes and their character. In 2022, the brand has taken on a new name ‘MARC JACOBS’, following in the footsteps of the adult collection.



This winter, designs full of colour (pink, purple, red, green...) or prints (panthers, florals, monograms...) and optical-illusion accessories will bring some festive cheer.

Marc Jacobs Snoopy Christmas Sweater

Marc Jacobs

"What has always interested me in fashion is identity
and creating identity" Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs colourful patterned dress

Marc Jacobs Snoopy Christmas Sweater

An animated season

This season in the Christmas range, Snoopy and Woodstock take centre stage on the must-have jacquard-weave Christmas jumper. And for the boys, there’s a new special collaboration featuring Garfield as a superhero! Five fantastically fun items, from a dual-fabric varsity jacket to fur-lined trainers, for a trendy and quirky look.

Marc Jacobs colourful girl clothes



Colourful and cheerful, the MARC JACOBS Autumn/Winter 2022 collection emulates the melting-pot that is New York in a unique and innovative way. Designed around the Essentials and items from the THE range, featuring the mascot and logo, Marc Jacobs presents a collection based on two seasonal themes: Urban Jungle and Cosmic Nature.

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MARC JACOBS offers its collection of accessories to complete your kids’ outfits in a funky way.