down jacket and shirt of the luxury brand Lanvin for boys


Named as Creative Director in January 2019, Bruno Sialelli’s sole objective is to breathe new life into the brand. Through its logos including ‘The Mother and Child’, its well-placed bows and its iconic blue, Sialelli has revived the values of this brand created by Jeanne Lanvin.

red sweatshirt from the luxury brand Lanvin for boys

Even more mini-me looks

The LANVIN Autumn/Winter 2022 collection is inspired by last season’s adult collections: Festive, dynamic and luxurious, it’s the perfect illustration of newfound freedom. It asserts itself through a new, bold visual identity that has been directly inspired by the men’s and women’s collections.

leopard print sweatshirt from the luxury brand Lanvin for girls

Leopard print

Dress and sweater

leopard print sweatshirt from the luxury brand Lanvin for girls

 dress of the brand Lanvin for girl child

Fashion according to Lanvin

Noble shapes and the finest materials, with meticulous details. The Lanvin kids’ collection, inspired by the adult collections, brings a creative, high-end wardrobe to life, perfect for happy, inquisitive children.


Lanvin is the longest-running French fashion house, still demonstrating its expertise today. Since January 2019, Creative Director Bruno Sialelli has breathed new life into the brand. Through the brand’s historic symbols and values passed on by Jeanne Lanvin, he has created a new wardrobe for this brand.

the modelling know-how of the luxury children's brand Lanvin


Our know-how in pattern making adapted to children's fashion

robe d'été de la marque luxe Lanvin pour enfant fille


The girls’ collection

For girls, the Hobo cat logo, borrowed from the handbag of the same name, is printed on tops and juxtaposed with the brand’s logo. The designs include sophisticated details, such as the Lanvin Paris buckle on the black mini-skirt and wide-leg trousers or the hand-embroidered beads and rhinestones on the knitwear logos.

casual look of the luxury brand Lanvin for boys


The boys’ collection

For boys, the brand’s logo is proudly displayed on traditional tops. The new geometric Lanvin logo adopts a triangular shape whilst the Curb logo is inspired by the laces on the iconic trainers of the same name, with a new version of the JL labyrinth, now known as ‘JL3D’, adorning the fleece items.